Monday, January 26, 2009

I Broke My Leg!

My Leg!

Hey Guys!

I know, I know lol. It seems like your gurl Kawana gave up on this blogging stuff, well NO, I didn't give up, I just sort of took a sabatical.

I broke my Leg ;-( Can you believe that? Well actually my Aunt acidentally helped me break my leg and it really hurt. Which is surprising because I broke my right leg which is the side of my body that has paralysis. I had to stop going to Rehab, I couldn't really go outside, I have to keep my leg elevated, you know I'm mad.

Anyways thats why I really haven't done to much computer stuff, ya know? Well the good news is I am getting better and I'll be back at that rehab soon.

So let me wish everyone a Happy belated X-Mass, a Happy belated New Years & of course a Happy Belated Obama Day. I promise I will keep this blog updated and fresh, so all of my readers out there stay with me, okay.


Stephen Bess said...

Ah wow! I hope that you are doing better. My wife cracked her ankle about a month ago. She has been in a cast for 4 weeks now and a week to go. It's been tough. I've been waiting on her constantly. It's all good though because I love her. Yeah, keep the toes warm. :)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dang babe sorry to hear that get well soon

Dr. Deb said...

Oh no!!!!!!!

Gina said...

I hope your leg is all better now!

Don said...


chris vogas said...

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