Wednesday, April 9, 2008

10 Reasons why The Kayster Blogs....

Special K

I am not 30 anymore, I'll be 33 this year, I just wanted you guys to see how cute I was as a little gurl. Hey Guys! I'ts your Gurl Kay Kay getting my blog on once again, I hope everyone out there is having a simply wonderful day. Once agin I want to thank everyone who leaves me comments and sends me all of those nice E-Mails, I truely appreciate it all. Please forgive your gurl over here if I don't respond quickly, you know I have my good days and my bad days.

I have been thinking about my life and what I have been through. I would like to admit somthing people who know me understand about me, I kinda have some anger management issues, ya know. I can achievie very high levels of anger with ease, I truely hope this is not what brought on my condition, but it is possible. Like I said in earlier posts, they don't know why I had that stroke. Back in tha days one of my Ex-Boyfriends use to tell me had Anger Management Issues, he told me that after he observed me in the throws of road rage, he use to try to get me to smoke purple (weed) with him, I did it a couple of times but I ended up getting mad at him for some reason or another and I stoppeed LOL, maybe I should have keep going, that sure keeps you calm. Can strong emotions cause strokes? I think so.

Now I was tagged by a fellow blogger and in tha spirit of good blogging these are my "10 Reasons for Blogging":

1. If I hadn't had a Stroke, I don't know if I would had taken up Blogging. This is somthing that was suggested by my Ex-Dude and put in motion by my Aunt Olsey. They figured this was a good way to let the world know what was going on with me, and also a way to get some help and support.

2. Now since I have been blogging I have encountered so many nice people with good ideas, I have discovered that it's truely addictive.

3. I have also found that blogging gives my friends and family a different type of access to me. Truth be told, I don't like a tremendous amount of visitors inmy face all the time, however through this blog I can always have company, in a way.

4. It's strange, through this medium I can really show the world excatly how I use to be, especially with Youtube.

5. Even though I am seriously limited in the things I can do, Blogging is Doable.

6. I am able to express certain thoughts here that maybe I wouldn't have been able to communicate otherwise.

7. I also feel like through Blogging I can take everyone on my journey to recovery with me, you can experience my progress and failures right along with me almost in real time.

8. Perhaps me being a Stroke Survivor/Blogger will inspire others to be more healthy and aware of themselves physically. So much so that if you start having certain physical warning signs of an impending Stroke or Heart Attack YOU won't end up like ME, and YOU can make to the Hospital and get the appropriate treatments.

9. Beacuse it's just straight out Fun.

10. Oh and beacuse "Excuse me: I'm still Here" LMAO

I was tagged by a person whom gives me much inspriation Mr. Mel Avila Alarilla, Make sure you check out his Blog ASAP *smile*

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Stem Cell

This looks scary, but they say they just might save me.

What you are looking at is a pic of a Stem Cell, this ugly thing is supposed to save my life, what do you think? Hey guys your gurl Kay Kay is still here scraping with myself everyday, little by little getting my life back. Happy April Fools Day, I'm happy to be here, I'm happy to experience this day.

I want to give a shout out to my whole blog fam & the good people from San Clemente High School that remember me ;-) As I have told you all previously, my options are kind of limited. The most promising treatment available to me is Stem Cells. I feel like I am in tha future or somthing, the last time I read about this stuff it was all theory and unproven. Well I guess it actually works to a degree and we shall soon see. I imagine my experience will be me receiving injections of the stem cells and then at some magic moment in the future, things will start working again, I hope.

So wish your gurl luck on this adventure I'm about to undertake, pray for me out there!