Friday, December 14, 2007

Hello World

Oh before you play this video be sure to cut off the music player ;-) This is a video of me at the Adult Care facility, or should I say Nursing Home that I live in, in Santa Ana California. It's not to far from my three bedroom condo, how ironic, thats okay i'll be moving back home in the not to distant future. My ex- dude came by to visit me and put me on video, I wasn't really feeling that at the time, but he got a little bit of footage outta me ;-)

I wanna thank all of my new blog fam for comming by and saying hello to me, I really appreciate that. In my future posts I will tell my story, you know the good stuff, My life before my stroke and what has happened to me since. I am quite sure you will find it educational and informative.

There is a movie comming out or it may already be out called
"The Diving Bell and The Butterfly" there is also a book available. It's all about Jean-Dominique Bauby the former editor of French Elle Magazine, he had a severe stroke in his brain stem when he was 43 years old. The stroke left him paralyzed and in "Locked-in Syndrome", He could only blink his left eye, yet his mind was still intact. With the help of a speech therapist he was able to communicate by blinking and was able to write a book "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly", the diving bell was his body and the butterfly was his mind. This book and film should give you an idea what it is like to live in a body that won't function properly, after waking up from a long Coma.

Now I am not in the type of shape this guy was, I'm doing better than that, however, I cannot walk, yet, and my right side is still paralysed but the feeling is comming back. I also have difficulty speaking, this is due to a condition called Aphasia, My Aunt told me the last time I spoke a complete sentence was when I first came out of my Coma, when I aksed "What happened to me". Since then I can only produce single words, it's not that I don't know what to say, It's like I know what I want to say but magically I can't say it, it's very frustrating. Oh well, Im working hard trying to get it back guys, everyday I get a little bit better.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Still Standing, The Beauty of A Black Man

Still Standing

From the tribulations of Kemet
To the trials and tragedies that took Place
in this United States

You are still standing

Though you beaten and Dragged
For 300+ years of times that were Bad

You are still here

Standing strong and Tall
Why? Cuz you know that there is a special Call

For you Black Man

You are beautiful and Lovely
The thought of you makes me feel Fuzzy

I long to hold and caress your beautiful Black Skin
And when we are intimate
I love it when you are In

But wait!!!
That is another time, a different Place
As long as you understand
That I see the beauty on your Face
Beautiful Black Man

For you are Life
The creator of All
You will never Fall
As long as you realize
That you are Beautiful, Black and a Man

Once I needed no sounds to talk to You
Now everything is complex and what you profess is not true

Yet I want you to understand your Place
in this Space
Where time passes Fast
And memories cannot be Erased

For you are intelligent and Wise
So I pray, "Please do not be Blind"
To this confusion and evil
I do understand that there is a war and People

Against you Black Man

So I will stand by your side
And you in God's everlasting Grace
Still standing strong and Tall
With Beauty within and all over your Face
Proud throughout it All

Beautiful Black Man

Please do not go to waste

And Lose your Place
in my space
Black Man

Kawana Aminata Oliver

This was a little somthing I wrote my Ex-Boyfriend many years ago, he "Lost his place in my space" so to speak, I kind a let him back though, He comes to visit me from time to time. I hope you enjoy my prose :->

Monday, December 10, 2007

Me & My Gurl at the "No More" Video shoot in 2000


This is my and my Gurl at the "No More" Video shoot, the name of the group was called Ruff Ends, It was a hot song at the time. Me and my Gurl were the Video Vixens of the hour, we played some scandalous females that were out for money, in real life I am not like that ;-) Be sure to check me out I was in my salad days.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mad At Olsey ;-)

Mad at Olsey ;-)

I was petulant and my Aunt was happy

This is me in my wheelchair at the Adult Care facility that I reside in, my Aunt is seated on my bed. My Aunt is my primary caregiver, which means she comes to see me everyday to make sure I'm okay. I was a little mad at her in this pic because she had been stretching out my right arm and hand, they both are stiff because of hemiplegia and spascity. I know she means well and she's trying to help, but it still hurts.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We are sooo Cute!

Me and My Little Cousin

Pearly Whites

Me and My Little Cousin, Well she's not so little, Shout Out to Texas! she lives there now. We are Cute, ya heard ;-)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007