Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me & The Big Homie Kev ;-)

Me and My Friend POSTED!

Hey Guys, Your gurl Kay Kay is still here, I hope everyone out there is doing well :-) I haven't blogged in a minute, but I do come through and read my comments, and I must say my comments are truely inspirational. Well guys what can I say, Im fighting everyday to get my life back, everyday things get a little better.

My aunt has got me going to see the Stroke Doctor, this guy is incredible, and expensive. One day at his facility is about $250.00, no joke. However, his facility features the latest and cutting edge treatments for brain injuries available. The first time I visited his facility they placed me in a Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber in order to breathe 100% oxygen, It was okay at first, then it freaked me out. After one treatment in that chamber my family said they noticed a difference in my awareness level. I didn't notice anything except that chamber was hot and claustrophobic. The next treatment they want to try on me is Stem Cells, can you believe that? They way they explained it to me was that they inject the stem cells near the area of Brain Damage and the Stem Cells automatically migrate to the area thats damaged and forms new connections. For the life of me I cannot undersrtand how they do that and deeper still I cannot understand why all of that insurance I have been paying for for years doesn't cover this. America is a crazy place.

Oh well, I'm just gonna keep on keeping on, somthing is gonna work out, I can feel it.

Monday, January 7, 2008


My Gurls from The Orange County Dept Of Education
Me & My Gurls from The Orange County Department of Education

When I worked there I was Director of Family Services, you can Google my name, they still have me listed as an employee ;-) I'll be Back!

Hey Guys, I hope everyone out there is having a good day and a Happy New Year :-) Once again I want to say thanks to all of my new blogging fam, the comments are all so supportive, you guys make me feel good I decided to do this blog thing. Right before X-Mass my Aunt broke me out of the Adult Care facility (Nursing Home) and I am happy to announce that I will finally be returning to my Condo, yes I am very happy about that. Truth be told, Living in that environment was not the business, That was a place of decline, not incline and I am on the INCLINE.

People see me now and they are shocked, When I was admitted to the hospital after I passed out on Valentine's morning 2007, My family was told I had ZERO chance of survival. I was placed in an induced Coma for almost 2 months to keep my brain from swelling and to reduce the risk of further Brain Damage and a condition called Vasospasm. Near the end of the 2nd month in that Coma I opened my eyes and began to go through every stage of consciousness, from Coma to Vegitative State to Minimally Conscious to the state I am in now. For my family this process has been long and scary, for me It all happened in a split second, I still can't believe almost a year has passed.

So here I am, At war with myself trying to regain total control of my body, My Aunt moved my arm the other day, I hurt so bad I slipped and called her a Bitch, I was a spontaneous type response, she laughed at me and said "What did you call me?", remember I have difficulty speaking LOL. In a few days I will be at my own house, my Grandmother and Uncle moved out here from South Carolina to help me get back on my feet, SO pray for me guys.

Now since I'm new to this being tagged thing, I was slow to respond. I was tagged by Kimpossible, this is a nod to her. Warning my 8 weird things may not be so weird.

1. I once told Mike Bibby (Of the Sacramento Kings) him and his team were "Weak" and would never beat the Lakers, this was during the Playoffs back in 2001. I saw him at the Beverly Center after a Game.

2. When I was a little girl I owned a Monkey.

3. I am a Career Woman, Yet I Love to Cook for lots of people.

4. I started point gaurd on the Girls Varsity basketball team at San Clemente High School.

5. I have appeared in many Music Videos, BET Specials, Movies and Sitcoms. As a matter of fact I actually paid my bills and lived good off of acting and being and extra. I feel like I had a serious shot at making it in Hollywood, the Weird thing about me however, I was unwilling to do all of the "extra" things you need to do to make it. I made it all the way up to the point where you needed to have sex with a few people to get that good role, I just couldn't do it. I'm glad I was attending Grad School while I was doing all of that, so when the time came I just quit ;-)

6. While I was doing my Hollywood thing me and several other gurls were hired to be servers at some big time movie producers pre-oscar party. We were painted gold from head to toe, that was crazy. when it was over I drove over to my ex-dude's house like that, he tripped out when he saw me.

7. I am from the South, I moved to Orange County from South Carolina when I was in the 9th grade. Most people when they move here from other places they are quick to convert themselves into Southern Californians. They wanna act like they were from California all along, not me though, I have always maintained my Southern Status. Even before being being from the South became Hot.

8. Even though I am not Ghetto, Even though I am a very professional and progressive woman, I had to put hands on my fomer fiance's babymama. Yes, while at a parade in Orange County this female threw water in my face, I had done nothing to her. I beat her until serveral people restrained me, I am not proud of that.

I hope those 8 things were good Kim ;-)

I want people out there to know this about me, I am not here to beg for help, If you can help do what you can. I guess my plight sheds light on the realities of health care and insurance, because I have insurance. The problem is that I need very aggresive therapy that for some reason is not covered by insurance, isn't that strange?