Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Pics: Doing My Thang

New Kicks
New Vans, I got the white ones >_<

Doing my Thang yall

In front of my house
In front of my Aunts (where I stay)


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i got your email and will do asap. me like the new digs and the smile

Jade said...

Keep doin your thang girl!

Deb said...

Love the photos. So glad you are doing well :)

angie519 said...

Thank you! =)

It's so inspiring to see you living your life even with your unfortunate condition!

Sexxy Luv said...

Hey girly thanks for stopping by my spot, i came to return the love and end up sheading are a miracle, continue to do you and i will pray for you. thanks for sharing your amazing journey with the world.

those shoes are hot! :)

A.M. said...

nice pic of where u stay. did u put the camera on the floor?