Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lucille's On A Sunday Afternooon


Hey Guys, Your Gurl Kay Kay is still here, I'm still doing me, I promise I will be back. I will tell you flat out I had a good weekend my Laker WON! Oh and I feel like they can do it again tonite and force that game seven, I hate Boston ;-) Well I don't really hate them, But I don't want them to win hehehe. Anyways, I have a good weekend, I gotta tell you, I broke down and let my Ex-dude take me to get somthing to eat on Sunday, I made him take to my favorite spot in tha whole world, Lucille's, Yes anyone who really knows me knows I love their Bar-B-Que Ribs. I ordered a Full Stack and did my best to polish them off, which I couldn't do ;-) I do have tha left overs. If you have never tried this resturant, you are tripping. I am from the South and I know and respect good Bar-B-Que, At first I didn't believe that a commercial resturant could do it like this, but hey, they do it well. So we watched tha Game and had good ribs.

A Plate

Doesn't that plate look good? I know it does, I also like tha way that they serve the drinks in jars, you must love that. Anyways I had a nice time, I like getting out the house and doing what I can. I always appreciate riding around just checking out the scene. Now I want to make it perfectly clear, my ex-dude took me out to eat, but it was not a date, I repeat it was not a date. But it was cool ;-)


paisley said...

girl i am stuck ova here in northern cali,, and i kid you not,, they would not know a good plate of BBQ ova here if i threw it at em... i could soooo do with some of those luscious eats you posted !!!!!!!

30+ said...

Hi Kawana, quite a while.

See you are doing well for yourself. Pray the stem cells will provide a way forward.
Take care

rebecca said...


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