Tuesday, February 5, 2008



This painting reminds me of Family, Nothing is more important than Family. I have always been about that throughout my life and over the course of the last year I wouldn't have survived without the Love of My Family.

I'm getting some of these words back guys, I guess I'm kind a like a parrot these days. I can hear a familiar word, then I practice repeating it. The type of Aphasia I have is called Broca's Aphasia, I understand the words people say to me but it's very difficult to say certain words. I know this all sounds very strange, however the brain works in strange ways. They say my brain is healing itself, even though I can't feel it, it's what you call Brain Plasticity. So as I go through this healing process, I go to sleep at night not knowing how to do somthing, Only to wake up the next day and I can magically do it, it's weird.

I want to give a Big Shout Out to all of my Gurls at OCDE, I love you guys.



Stephen Bess said...

Yes, the body is a strange and wonderful machine. I pray that you receive these strange progressions daily. Peace~

choklateRain said...

The mind is very powerful... I'm finding that out for myself. It's the center of our healing.

Eb the Celeb said...

Barack the VOTE!

Anonymous said...

How we miss you at Child Care Services (OCDE) K! Its just not the same without ya. So glad that you are making positive progress. God is good and we know that's true! Just like you always support me, I continue to pray for you, for your complete healing. Its in God's timing, not our own (even though we wish He'd hurry up). Love you! ~Colleen

Enola said...

Glad to read your update and see you doing so well!

I love that painting. Thanks for sharing.

Lana Gramlich said...

The brain is more powerful & adaptable than most people realize. More power to you, woman!