Monday, August 4, 2008

Still Here :-) Sorry I've been away

Jack In Tha Crack
I love Jack In The Box

Excuse Me, I am still here lol. Yes blog fam, friends and family I am still here. Please forgive your gurl for not posting for over a month, but hey, stuff happens. Feel free to wish me a Happy belated B-Day, I turned 33 on July 21 ;-)

So let me tell you what happened to the Kayster, As you all know, I have been doing the rehab thing, needless to say, was very difficult. I started out on an out patient level, then I was fortunate enough to go to a Hospital in Fullerton and be there 24-7 for a few weeks, and well that was kind of rough.

I just don’t like some of those Nurses out there, what can I say, I feel like this, if you don’t like your job, get in a different line of work, you know? I thought I was doing better with the rehab on an out patient level, I think I prefer that, I like going home at the end of the day and being around family. After being at the hospital for a few days I discovered that my Physician wanted to run some tests on me to determine if I would be able to benefit from more aggressive rehabilitation, specifically aimed at helping me walk again. I also discovered during my stay that I have a condition that effects my ability to speak called Apraxia, It is the inability form words with the muscles in your throat, no doubt a very frustrating situation. Now at the end of my stay in the Hospital my Physician informed my family that I also have a condition known as Heterotopic Ossification, I know that is a complicated looking set of words, but those are 20 dollar words for excessive bone growth. What is happening is my hip joints are actually fusing together, and so are several other joints. This is something that can happen to anyone suffering from a severe stroke or any other severe brain injury. I was wondering why I had so much pain when I tried to move.

Anyways, they hope to control this bone growth with medication, then as soon as it stops I can get an operation and get this rehab going full tilt. I got to tell you I am so happy for the support of my family and friends.